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Frequently Asked Escort Questions

How Do I Book An Escort?

Booking an escort is a very straight-forward process. First, select the desired escort, and make the initial request. Please be patient as many popular escorts recieve hundreds of requests a day, and may not see your request right away. If the escort does not reply within 24 hours, make your request again, but always remain respectful. Secondly, once contact has been returned from your selected escort, discuss pricing, options, location and any other special requests. Your escort may ask for references of providers that you have seen in the past (most do), so be prepared to provide them. If you do not have references, do not worry. Some clients do not. Becoma an active member of Prestige Providers so we can provide verifications for your refences. Escorts really value this service and it does save a LOT of time.

How Much Does An Escort Cost?

The cost of an escort can be wide and varied, depending on the location, popularity, quality and experience of the escort. Prestige Providers has a wide variety of escorts to choose from, and many list thier prices publically on thier ads. Be prepared to pay anywhere between $200 up to $2000 per hour, depending on your desired provider.

How Does An Escort Verify My References?

The best and easiect place for a potential escort to verify your references is on Prestige Providers. They have many integrated tools for clients and escorts for verification, and many providers appreciate the pre-verification of your references, employment and financial abilities.

How Much Does A Pornstar Escort Cost?

The cost of a pornstar escort can vary, but they are usually much more expensive than non-pornstar escorts, simply because of their stature, experience and bragging rights. For a pornstar escort, be prepared to pay $800-$2000 per hour.

Where Is The Best Place To Find Pornstar Escorts?

Pornstar escorts can be found on a few websites, but Prestige Pornstar Providers and Porn Companions are the top two places to find pornstar escorts and they are both reputable with a great selection.

Where Are The Most Beautiful Escorts In The World?

The most beautiful escorts in the world are surely in the eye of the beholder. There are many countries that boast the most beautiful escorts, but truly, they can be found in every country. Prestige Providers has a great selection of beautiful escorts!