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Greetings! I’m Alex, irresistibly feminine with a dazzling smile and a palette for all things delightful. Consider a lady who is the embodiment of a natural beauty with a fun twist and a fondness for literature all balanced in an effortless way. Envision an evening of magnetic energy filled with romance, an exploration that never ceases. You are a polished gentleman, maybe a little on the shy side. I will be the private muse you can trust. Feeling a bit reserved? I completely understand! One of my best assets is a gentle, inviting temperament, a laid-back serenity that will calm your soul. Our engagement might begin with good conversation about that new project you’re working on. Or, it could be a business venture you’re launching that calls for a toast over a glass of Petite Sirah. I’d love to share my nerdy side with you. Sometimes I get lost in a sci-fi series such as Star Wars or Doctor Who. Single location flicks and horror films really catch my interest like Exam or The Booth at the End. Anything about transhumanism intrigues me - imagine brain supplements that make you smarter. At any given time, my head is wrapped about two or three books. Though I view life through intellectual eyes, adventure of any sort excites me. What about you? I am usually unavailable with less than 48 hours notice, prebooking is highly encouraged! Exquisitely yours, Alex Empire {members only}

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